Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Didn't feel much like having boiled dinner last night, but did want something fairly seasonal. Opted for fake bangers and mash (fake because I didn't have any bangers, so substituted fresh kielbasa. Am pretty sure that my "mash" wasn't authentic, either), a salad, and a pretty decent green mousse-like concoction improvised from jell-o and Greek yogurt.

Of course there was soda bread:

Soda Bread

Couldn't skimp on that. Used the Vegetarian Epicure's recipe, substituting soured milk for the buttermilk and adding extra soda. Also substituted caraway seeds for the cardamom, as all I had was pods and didn't feel like cracking them. Oh yes, and those are actual currants, too.

(Pavel's taking one loaf to work. Promised the Frenchie that, the next time he visits, I'd make him some.)

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