Friday, May 01, 2009

The Good Old Days.

I was in kindergarten when the first epidemic hit. Learned the term 'swine' from the news, in fact. Don't remember if I got a shot (don't think so), but I do remember the first of the two commercials.


Marcia said...

I love poor doomed Betty who spreads it to half of California before succumbing to the disease herself. Did the dog get it? The sound effects are precious! My mother, normally so calm, is a bit edgy about it, but then again, she's seen the devastation of polio and other illnesses (and she's allergic to live, egg-based versions of the flu shot!!) Of course my daughter has a classmate who was in Mexico over vacation and has suddenly missed the last two days of school (I'm chalking it up to her very nasty sunburn).

Be said...

Well, it's fairly dangerous for older folks as well as those with weakened immune systems. I think I'll be okay without a shot (they tend to lay me up for a couple days), but would not be too pleased to catch this, hale and hearty as I am.

A friend of mine was flying the other day and was seriously thinking of getting some face masks until I mentioned that they're kind of ridiculous - they don't really do a lot (it's the sick person who should wear them).

As for the second commercial, about partway through, I kept thinking of poor Betty giving everybody an STD after having worked the Wharf when she got home.