Sunday, May 10, 2009

Works in Progress.

Mrs. Cardinal aside, I've prettymuch put the wool away for the season.

Celestine 3/12

3/12, or exactly 25% of the way through this fun little toy. The yarn is a discontinued one from Lion called Kitchen Cotton. Am making it for a little boy who is allergic to wool, whose mom is a physicist and whose dad is a mathematician. Wonder who will have the most fun with it?

Bea's Birthday Sweater

This will eventually fill out to become a birthday cardigan for a little girl who shares part of a name with me. It's the Color Block Cardigan from this book, and I'm using Lion's Microspun in pink, red and purple.

Cherry Twist Neckline

The yarn for this one was an impulse purchase; normally it's so expensive (to me) that I can't buy more than one skein at a time. However, found five in a sale bin at a price that couldn't be refused. The color's not my favorite (it's sort of a peachy-melony orange), but it's a dream to work with and should feel wonderful when the weather gets even warmer. Here's the pattern; I'm at the neckline. As am making it a size smaller than what I normally wear, am hoping that this keeps up the motivation to keep doing my stomach crunches and pushups. Have lost a fair bit of weight, but am still a bit too flacque to feel comfortable either baring the shoulders or drawing attention to the stomach. That's Trouble in the upper left hand corner, by the way.

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