Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, yesterday I managed to force the house mate into going on a death march with me in New Hampshire. For a number of reasons, it's been a while since I'd been to Monadnock. Was very glad to return, though.

We started off on the Cascade trail with the intention of taking Pumpelley to the summit. However, since we got a late start, didn't make it all the way to the top. Got pretty close, though.

Trail Marker

Between 1/4 and 1/2 mi to the summit, we hit this marker indicating the intersection between Pumpelley and Red Dot trails. Since it was very late, decided to rest and eat something there, then start our descent.


"Alpine" meadow.

Ended up taking the Smith connector to White Cross and following that down to the base. This was a big deal for me, as I'd had a bad experience on White Cross. Wanted to get past that and the idea that I couldn't navigate this place without someone more experienced than me. Both I and the knee did fine. In fact, was amazed at how sure-footed I was. Believe me, I'm not overconfident or anything, there's just some body memory involved now that I didn't know I had. Also have a lot more sense than I'd allowed myself to believe I had.

Pavel Enjoying the View

Still don't like getting close to ledges. Even ledges with short drops, like this one.

Now that I'm the one wielding the camera, found myself having a hard time tearing myself away from the beauty in bloom and of decay to admire the panoramic views.

Trillium II

Trillium. These were endangered species in NYS when I was living there. Was amazed to see their profusion here.


Weird focus. Sorry for that. Was an amazing lichen, though.


Moosewood, aka Striped Maple, in bloom.

Lady Slipper

Lady Slippers, the only orchid indigenous to the Northeast of the United States, has a symbiotic relationship with oaks and maples. Guess one could say that it blooms on decay. Sorry about the poor quality of the image - have such bad luck in low light settings and I hate the flash.

Luminous Birch Bark

Was bowled over by the luminosity of the bark of some felled yellow birches.

Next time we go back (and I think that'll be fairly soon), want to take the house mate up to Monta Rosa. It's a shorter (and less demanding) climb with two peaks for the price of one.

(More pictures here if you're interested.)


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! There is a profusion of lady slippers in Acton. I didn't realize the relationship with oaks and maples - ahhhh! I've never been to Monadnock - shameful isn't it?
Clears the head out!

Be said...

I remember reading somewhere that there's some sort of fungus (or other material) that comes from those trees that the ladyslippers like. When you go to Garden in the Woods, (or other places that sell them), I believe they give you something to fortify the soil with because, if you don't use it, the orchids aren't going to take.


I really love Mondadnock. Hal and I used to hike there *a lot.* You might want to try getting a campsite there sometime, as they do have them.

Jacquelyn3396 said...

Your pictures here are fantastic! I especially like the one of the lichen... the weird focus really makes it artistic.