Monday, May 18, 2009

El Sueno de la Razon Produce Monstruos.


Marcia said...

There's a reason for menopause - hello! It is sad when people don't age gracefully! I'm 44 and exhausted with one child.... Just because you can doesn't mean you should! But it is her choice and hopefully she has a good network of family/friends to take care of the child.... Ugh!

Be said...

Sorry to take such a jaundiced view, but, it being Great Britain, there's always the dole. (Yes, I know she claims to be wealthy.)

I know it's her choice, but still - Having a baby at this person's age and without a partner is the ultimate in selfishness and I feel sorry for the little one.

(Hence the sleep/dreams of reason producing monsters. Not that the baby is a monster or anything.)

Dr Bob said...

There's little doubt that she's got plenty of money & is unbleievably selfish --- my father was 50 when I was born and retired just after I went to secondary school at 11 --- effectively, I grew up with an old man who had very little time for me. I know children always complain that parents don't understand, but when there's, effectively, a 2-generation gap, it's true!

By the way 'the dole' doesn't really provide enough to live on -- about £70 a week in a country where you're poor if you earn £90.

Be said...

Oh, I realize that social security (or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) doesn't amount to much - however, with an entitlement attitude, no amount's too small.

Personally, I think I'm too old to have kids. As it stands, I'm old enough to be a grandmother where I come from.