Friday, May 08, 2009

Dispatch #9:

"Sorry to hear 'bout the toothache - hope it gets resolved soon. Beautiful day out today - took a long walk, met an ex-coworker for lunch. We had hummos sandwiches at a local middle eastern place. I LOVE MIDDLE EASTERN pickles!* I don't know how they brine them, but it's good - can only find them @ Israeli or Lebanese restaurants. So - lots of rain by you. Not necessarily a bad thing. It's a little dry here. I have my history exam on Wed. Wish me luck. Will tell you 'bout that + school next time 'round. Till then - TAKE CARE!"


* Maybe not the thing to be saying, given where this note is heading. However, have to be true to myself. I *do* love middle eastern pickles and my brother's pretty knowledgeable on these things, so might be able to shed some light on this in his next letter to me.

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