Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exams finished; made it through more or less unscathed. Felt myself seizing at about 11/2 hours in, so made a point of getting up and stretching some.

Got all my papers back for the year, as well. Grades were much better than what I thought I'd merited. One paper in particular made me happy and went to talk about it in more depth with the professor during office hours. Offered some other observations on the subject at hand, some other points in time to look at in the continuum, a book to check out. I think I have a nice little something to keep me out of trouble over the summer (at least).

Now to crash. The tension's left the body and I feel like a wet noodle. (Good night.)


Dr Bob said...

I'm sure you're relieved that the exams are over - when will you get the results?
Our exam season has just started + marking lots of papers from coursework ...


Be said...

Probably in another week. Am not too worried about it, to be honest.

Chewed my prof's ear off regarding the subject of one of the papers. Felt badly, because I was taking up her grading time (last exam for that class was in a couple hours, and, since it was the only non-early-morning session, it was going to be packed with students.)

Good luck on the grading, in addition to everything else.