Monday, May 25, 2009

"Again and again...mothers who lost their sons in France have come to me...

American Cemetery under snow

The American Cemetery at Suresnes in January of this year. The Frenchie tells me that each grave has an American and a French flag beside it for today's ceremonies.

...and, taking my hand have shed tears upon it not only, but they have added, "God bless you, Mr. President!" Why...should they pray God to bless me? I advised the Congress of the United States to create the situation that led to the death of their sons. I ordered their sons overseas. I consented to their sons being put in the most difficult parts of the battle line, where death was certain, as in the impenetrable difficulties of the forest of Argonne. Why should they weep upon my hand and call down the blessings of God upon me? Because they believe that their boys died for something that vastly transcends any of the immediate and palpable objects of the war. They believe, and rightly believe that their sons saved the liberty of the world."

-from Woodrow Wilson's Pueblo Speech, September 25, 1919.


Happy Memorial Day.


Update: The Frenchie sent some images from Memorial Day:

Memorial Day in Suresnes I

Memorial Day in Suresnes II

Memorial Day in Suresnes III

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