Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fur Hat.

Remember a while back when I was talking about wanting a fur hat to go with the fluffy mittens I was making? Well, ask and you shall receive.

I love it. Found it around New Year's time at one of those little boutiques that seem to be cropping up everywhere in former industrial areas that are now rezoned "hip." This particular one, with its expensive goods and minimalist decor, could have been anywhere in the West or West-imitating world. In fact, I'd have thought myself Union Square, Somerville instead of Puteaux if all the prices weren't in Euros.

Anyway, have noted that the French seem really into fur this winter, major accessories being fur scarves, hats and (I'm shaking my head at this one) rabbit-fur vests. Does my heart good, on one hand, to see that PETA holds little sway there. On the other hand, fur farming practices where a lot of this stuff is coming from (my guess is China - tried on a real, non-antique fox-fur hat that was only like 90 EE. Can't imagine that being made over there for that cheaply.) is kind of upsetting to think about, so opted for a lovely fake.

Of course, now I need a new scarf and gloves to go with the hat. Haven't decided yet what would go best: maybe dark brown, maybe black. The Frenchie says that, if I get a red coat and the riding boots I've been eyeing for a couple years now, I'll be having a problem with men falling at my feet. I like the idea of a red coat, but not so much the random men dropping like flies around me. That sounds kind of annoying.


jo said...

mmmm those are some MEAN boots

Be said...

Mmm. I'm really not going for mean - I just like that, maybe even with the hardware, they're kind of classic and they're not fricking stiletto(e)s.