Friday, August 22, 2008

Hum a few bars-

Was straightening up the overflowing magazine collection in the living room the other day and happened onto an Idees Marie Claire from two winters ago. Generally, I don't like thinking about winter, Christmas or wool this time of year, but:

Idees douillettes et soins calins. Not enough of either of those in my life right now.

Okay, I'm in love. I want those gloves. I know I already made myself a pair of perfectly nice ones, but look at those. Look at that hat! Look at the sweater! I want a furry hat, I want a pair of thick, braided cable, fingerless lopi gloves. I want to be all elfin, peeping over the cowl of my oversized, tweedy sweater.

So, I started picking apart the cable pattern. It's not very difficult. Just the same, I'm rather pleased with myself for having figured it out.

Kind of reminded me of a past life when I used to transcribe stuff off of records or the radio either as a mental exercise or when sheet music for something I wanted to play wasn't in print. Come to think of it, taking that up again wouldn't be a half-bad idea. It's been ages since I've had the desire or emotional wherewithal to do anything musical. Used to enjoy it so much, too. Hopefully that'll come back.

Anyway. Though I really like the Marie Claire girl's white gloves, there's a bit of pink lopi in my stash that is just dying to be used up. This will look so nice against my new winter coat's lovely black tweed, I think. Don't know where I'll get a hat like in the picture, though.

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