Friday, August 29, 2008

Couldn't get to sleep last night, so after having read about all I could on Reconstruction, I finished this* off.

This morning, I fired up the old innernet and found that McCain's chosen a running mate who could very well be a descendent of the women in that book. This is so exciting. I was going to vote for him anyway not because I'm a huge fan of his but because of my dislike of the opposition**. Now I have a good reason to be pleased about my choice.


* It was an okay book, not the best I've read, but okay. Some factual errors. A bit too politically correct for my taste. Did make me remember how much I'm jonesing for Maine, though. Haven't been up yet. Will have to remedy that.

** Guess that makes me a racist. Sorry.


Dr Bob said...

** I don't think it makes you racist to dislike someone -- it only becomes problematic if you dislike them because of their 'race'.

Be said...

Dr Bob!

As a good friend (Pablo) put it: It isn't that I'm not voting for him because he's black. Rather, I'm not voting for him because he's Green.

Unfortunately, the view of the Left (and their Media Arm) is that, if one does not vote or Obama, one is a racist.

Since I'm not voting for him, that means that I'm a Racist.

It's not just the American media who are saying that, either.