Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Day.

I'd arranged for some part-time temporary work at a local school. Turns out that they want me full-time for at least this week. Though I like them well enough, I'm not keen on working anywhere full time right now*.

As my grades were so surprisingly stellar**, I decided to treat myself to the sequel to the Western Civilization course I took last semester. Enjoyed it immensely and, well, I'm a sucker for a good potboiler. Since this all but depletes the History offerings at the school, I'm thinking maybe of an Economics course as well. We'll see.

Anyway, the registration has to be accomplished before work. Work's all day after that and it promises to be hectic. Need to fit in haggling with Commonwealth effing Care and my alma mater. Also need to get a couple doctor appointments arranged.

It'll all get done. I'll be fine. Just am a little cranky at leaving the house right now.


*No, I'm not independently wealthy. My ability to take time off, take classes and get my life straightened out comes from the fact that, while everyone else around me seemed to be buying Priuses, iPhones, flat-screen TVs and adjustable-rate mortgages, I was paying off my credit card and student loans, searching for a cheaper place to live and saving money. It took time, and, unfortunately, a job that I didn't much care for that paid well. But, well, life's sometimes about delayed gratification. Am not into job-hopping, as I was never raised to believe in that elusive to the point of being almost non-existent "perfect fit" in the work world. How could there ever be with my background?

**An A- for one class: Not bad, considering I got a pretty awful grade on one assignment when the whole thing with my brother went down> Must have aced the exam. Will ask the professor if I can see it. I had this really odd feeling I'd never experienced before that I did incredibly well. The other class, the one I was worried about, was a straight A. Maybe good grades shouldn't come as such a surprise for me, as it seems that whenever I actually do the work, I end up with almost perfect scores. Funny how that works.


Dr Bob said...

Congratulations on the course marks!

Well done!

B x

Be said...

Yes, but what next?