Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, this weekend, the Wells Fargo Wagon made its way down my street. And what it leave on my doorstep? Many wonderful things:

Emerald Glass

Beautiful emerald glass. I saw these and just had to get them. Not only because they were exactly the same colo(u)r as what my loverly Auntie Scoot collects, but because they remind me of some of the glasses that are still kicking around in my family that my (literal) bohemian relatives made in the New World when they quit the old Empire. (Not in East Cambridge, though I think they'd have liked it there, nor in Ohio, but in Buffalo, back when Libbey had a plant there.)

Whale Tickling the Ivories

"What are the Rights of Man and the Liberties of the World but Loose-Fish? What all men's minds and opinions but Loose-Fish? What is the principle of religious belief in them but a Loose-Fish? What to the ostentatious smuggling verbalists are the thoughts of thinkers but Loose-Fish? What is the great globe itself but a Loose-Fish? And what are you, reader, but a Loose-Fish and a Fast-Fish, too?"

A sweet little whale who looks as though he could have leapt off the pages of one of the Rockwell Kent editions.

Button Box

An unexpected little something that I've got big plans for.


jo said...

I am so pleased they arrived safe and sound, and more importantly so well received.

Be said...

My blacksmith friend was really fascinated by the whale. Next time he gets some forge time, he's going to reproduce it.

The buttons really made me happy; such a variety! I plan to knit them into something.

Thanks again!