Friday, January 30, 2009

Earlier I talked about how the sunrises here were a hard act to follow. Looks like the evening sky managed pretty well:

Moon and Venus

Bonsoir, mesdames. The moon is waxing luminous with her girlfriend (what I believe to be) Venus on this gorgeous, soft Friday night. It being ladies' night out, they actually put Orion in his place (rather pallid, to the east of them).

It's going to be a good weekend; the stars said so.


Dr Bob said...

It certainly is Venus, Aka: Morning star, Evening star -- but also Lucifer!

I almost always see the dawn -- I sleep really badly, and it's not getting any better as I get older -- so I quite like the dawn (though these days I'm usually in the office long before ...).


Be said...

Have always been much more of a morning person than a night person, which seems to be considered a disorder of sorts. Sometimes, first thing in the morning, I'll see a pale little bit of moon showing through one of the skylight; love that. Haven't seen Venus in the morning in a long time, though.

I know you're busier'n anything, but dawn also comes a lot later chez toi than here - your being so far north and all. Was surprised at how long it stayed dark in the morning when I was on your side of the Atlantic this fall/winter.

By that same token, the longer daylight in the summer kind of freaks me out as well.