Sunday, January 18, 2009


Givre III

About the only thing that can grow here in January.

Can't really start the practical garden work here until about mid-April. The months up till then is when one dreams, plans, plots things out.

The gardening catalogues started arriving in December. Broke out the graph paper for planning out the new garden just the other day: looks like lots of shade and wet loving plants in the yard. Any vegetables or fruits will have to be grown in containers on the patio and balconies. All this will need to be protected, too, from all the folks we've invited to dinner over the winter.

Pavel wants a tree for the front. For as long as I've known him, he's wanted an American dogwood. This last season, he sort of changed his mind and is now looking for a mountain ash (good idea - much hardier). I'd like that he get a crabapple maybe, too. Hopas make the best jelly.

Am marvelling at work that goes on in our protective little pods before we bust out again in Spring.

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