Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flights make for good knitting time, as I'm generally too tired or freaked out to concentrate on reading and often there isn't anything any good on the movie channel.

Airplane knitting

Malabrigo pre-felted wool the color of birch leaves in fall. Was kind of hard to part with this.

This one got started and finished on two separate trips to France. On the second flight over, was a great means of checking out of my rather unpleasant spot between a couple of Tag Heuer-sporting unpleasant business class passengers (got bumped up in a classic Continental clusterf---). The one fellow wasn't too thrilled at my not being impressed by his spending Christmas week at his friend's chalet in Switzerland. Apparently I knew the neighborhood too well and and asked too many questions. The other one's girlfriend (who I thought was his daughter at first) Weirdly. Obsessively almost.

I know I only had a cloth coat and I didn't treat the help with the proper disdain for not knowing the vintages of their complimentary beverage service, but still. Am much more comfortable being (worthy) poor and, I guess, sitting in steerage.

Anyway, back to the yarn at hand: very pleasant to the touch and comforting to work with. The stitch pattern wasn't too complicated and didn't get lost in the color variation. Also, it was destined for someone. It's always nice to have a recipient in mind when you're making something, as you can focus your good thoughts on that someone.

The scarf was very well-received, apparently. According to one friend, almost the only time the recipient takes it off is to shower.

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