Sunday, November 23, 2008

Made a couple drastic changes to the look. First, chopped the hair off to just above chin-length. Have had three haircuts over the last six months; wasn't happy with any of them. Don't know why, but no one wanted to do what I wanted done. Finally, ended up taking matters in my own hands and saving about $40 in the process. I'm assured that the ends are even and that I'd even done a good job shaving my neck (borrowed Pablo's beard trimmer). Uneven ends are never really a big concern of mine, as the curls hide mistakes well.

Since the hair was altogether too blonde for this time of year, hennaed it as well. Went two shades darker instead of the normal one. The contrast is greater than usual, yes, but the color suits me.

I look like a flapper now, especially when I wear a beret. Makes me smile when I catch a reflection. Haven't taken pleasure in my reflection in a while.

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