Monday, November 24, 2008

Got some more bad news from the Heimats-front last night. Joked with my dad that, next time he calls me on a Sunday evening, I'm just not going to answer. Sunday nights are bad enough already. In any event, if someone's dead, they shouldn't mind if I don't hear until Monday morning.

All humor aside, I think we're all kind of bugged out with this as, though Sandy was sick and there were a fair number of trials family-wise, no one imagined that she'd end up ending things herself.

Hell, don't think we'd have imagined the same of my brother or sister-in-law, either, for that matter. Shows how much we all know.


jo said...

Ouch Be...I'm so sorry.

Be said...

Sigh, scary, but am starting to get desensitized to it.