Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Had to put out two more cakes of suet this morning. Funny how one suddenly can end up with three dozen mouths to feed.

Anyway, in addition to the squirrels, have seen sparrows (of course), a starling or two, a couple blue jays and a cardinal. Pretty typical city dwellers. Am wondering what to put out in order to attract some of the less common Somerville inhabitants, like goldfinches, for example or even maybe a woodpecker.


jo said...

Feeders and habituees.(sp)

Niger seed (chickadee (dee dees, desperate house finch and sparrows

Peanut feeder with lid (in shell), enclosed - squirrel I like to watch figure out how to open the box.

Peanut feeder (shelled)nuthatch, tufted tit mice, woodpeckers, squirrels when they can

Weighted feeders (too much weight and the doors SHUT containing sunflower hearts - cardinal husband and wiffe, Jays, sparrows, chickadee, finches, titmice, cardinals, nuthatch...eating from the spill on the ground as some birds are natural ground feeders...Mr and Mrs cardinal, they prefer the ground and only hit the feeders when starving, junco sparrow with racing stripes on their head (i forget the name) chipmunks, squirrels, mourning dove and the evil PIG-E-ON as husband calls them.

Chains I hung frm the tree limbs with eye screws on the end that I screw apples or corn cops to are entertaining for watching squirrel antics.

I also have a feeder with ladders up the side that I toss in bread, apples, dried raisins, etc that gets all sorts of guests.

I also have a feeder mounted to a table with a wheel (think gerbil wheel) that attaches to a jar filled with shell in peanuts for some SERIOUS entertainment.

Suet feeders (woodpeckers, starlings and sparrows)

Not that I love feeding the birds and wildlife much....

Be said...

Jo, thank you so much for the advice and recipes! Am looking forward to expanding upon already fertile bird and other creature-watching territory here.