Monday, November 24, 2008

Home From School.

I'm not usually too keen on my walks into school. Am normally running late, so will end up taking the quickest route through some rather pedestrian-hostile and not-very-picturesque territory.

The walk home is usually more leisurely. Often, I'll take the train from Bunker Hill to Sullivan, then make my way over to Union Square. This isn't as interesting as the old walks through the junkyards, but it's still pretty okay.

Where things get really nice is between Union and home. Prospect to Spring Hill is so much less crowded? Expansive? than Winter Hill is. Sometimes I even forget that I'm in one of the most densely-packed urban areas in the country when I'm wandering through here:


Sugar maple canopy near the nursing home.



Rectory for St. Catherine of Genoa Church. From this angle, looks more like a manor house.


Squirrel's Nest

Squirrel's nest.


Pretty Blue Flower

Last bloom of the season. Have no idea what this is - thought it was bachelor's buttons, only it's growing on a shrub.


Blue Barn

A barn! Someone actually lives here, too! I thought it was just a garage; certainly is not like the normal Somerville Victorian. Love the crabapple tree, too. (Okay, I admit. It's a dream house.)


Last Leaf

The very last leaf on the neighbor's Japanese maple.


jo said...

Whatever that plant is, it looks like it is a member of the mint family.

Be said...

Yes, that's what I thought, too. Actually, was *hoping* that it might be.