Thursday, September 04, 2008

Samba do Somerville.

Came home to the party lights tonight. Don't speak enough Portuguese to do the situation justice, but: a squatter/sublettor was smoking pot. The landlord/leaseholder wasn't happy with that. After that, non linguistic communication in the form of a bat across the head ensued.

Just said to the neighbors that we needed the excitement to liven up our dull-to-tears lives. (sigh).


jo said...

Now that is a surreal version. I was guessing sergio mendes...but i could be wrong.
I've been asking our new Brazilian girl to teach me...when in a pinch just say Oi (oye) tudo (to do) bom (bomb), it's hi, how are you basically.
Ooooo the video is sergio. Mom always had the LP with the woman on the front in a shaving cream dress.....

Be said...

My mom loved LOVED both Brasil 66 and Herb Alpert and had nearly all both their albums. Herb Alpert's was the Whipped Cream and other Sweets...tasty treats...indoor sports album - don't remember the actual name. The cover's etched on my brain, though.

Was perusing Mendes's website, as I'd recently seen a poster for him in my neighborhood. He's on tour, it seems, and played at the Somerville Theatre in July (!!!)

Both he and Alpert have aged well, both musically and physically, I'm happy to say.