Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No, I did not forget about Roberta. Stopped by after cleaning up a bit and locking the house. Wanted to give me a gift she'd made for me: a huge crocheted doily. (No pictures yet, as the memory card reader's packed.) Took it home and dampened it a bit. It's currently blocking (somewhat) on my radiator. Can't decide whether it'll end up on the piano or as a dresser scarf. It's really lovely.

I like her. She's a bit of a busybody, but it's nice to have people keeping tabs on you when you're alone in the city. Kind of makes you feel not so alone. Truther Dude, who keeps odd hours and who apparently chats with her a fair bit as well, asked me (in a joking tone, but still kind of seriously) who she worked for.

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