Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I shouldn't go to bed angry, really I shouldn't. I knew I couldn't afford to buy a house (or even a one bedroom anywhere within 20 miles of Boston, even though I qualified for "affordable*" housing and as a first-time homebuyer.), so I didn't. Now I, along with all the other folks who acted responsably, am somehow going to be responsible for bailing this mess out.

It could be worse, I guess. I could have ended up foreclosed upon.

Okay, bedtime.


* "Affordable" five years ago for a one-bedroom apartment in scenic junkyard land was about the same as what the old Greek Revival in Eastie was listed at nine years ago.

Yeah, good luck with that. This isn't the "affordable" housing I'm talking about. It's right next door, though, on the Cambridge/Somerville border. It'd be one thing if this were Davis Square or "Harvard Community" Cambridge. However, it isn't. It's in an area that recently had its zoning changed from industrial to residential. Sits just across the street from a couple junkyards, several chop shops and a bottle redemption center. Guess that's why there's such a high fence around it.

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