Saturday, September 06, 2008

Aside from all the light and air coming in thanks to the skylights, the new room boasts a French blue floor. This was the result of some rather intense negotiations with the contractor.

Chuck is awesome. He's doing an amazing job with Pavel's place. (That's one of the joys of having an art historian with extraordinary work ethic as a building contractor). However, he wanted to paint the attic floor red. Red apparently is a good, historically accurate color for American house floors.

Okay, I could see that - maybe in a kitchen, a foyer, or even a bedroom. Not, though, in this space. It'd suck out all the light that the holes in the roof now were brining in. The Frenchie agreed wholeheartedly. Suggested the Scandinavian choices of either white or gray.

Kind of wistfully, I brought up the beautiful blue floor I had in my kitchen in Eastie. My old landlord Jim did a bit of an archaeological survey of the mother-in-law apartment and found pine underneath like five layers of linoleum. Decided that, albeit soft, the wood was much nicer than 70s retro, so painted it. Pavel remembered that and mentioned it as a good alternative to red.

Don't think that Chuck was too thrilled by the idea, as he kind of drily mentioned it one afternoon when I came to visit. In order to butter him up a bit, I offered up the idea of a red foyer/stairway and some homemade pickles. In the end, the blue floor won out. To everyone's amusement, he even admitted that, not only did the blue work, but it had grown on him considerably.

Will take some pictures when we get things cleaned up tomorrow. It's gorgeous. Love it.

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