Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm stunned at the amount of work I actually got done yesterday. Paid bills, got health insurance (the doctor thing is a whole 'nother matter. From what I can gather, not a lot of folks take the Commonwealth Link insurance. Which is funny, as it isn't cheap.) Duked it out with the DET phone tree (1/2 hour on the phone just to have a person tell me to call another day). Homework! Work work! Wow.

Today's my first day of classes. Am very nervous, as I haven't actually sat in a classroom in over 10 years.

Wish me luck, both with that and the DET silliness.

Okay, onward.


jo said...

Honey i have BEEN THERE. I do wish you luck. Be persistent. Be bitchy if required. Ask for a training grant. Don't give up.

Be said...

In the scheme of things, the DET stuff isn't all that important; made sure I could do without. However, as I know that most all of this difficulty is to keep unemployment statistics down by frustrating people, I'm keeping it up, as a.) I like a challenge b.) I don't like the idea of being a statistic.

Thanks for the good wishes!