Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm an independent, by the way. Can't understand why anyone would want such a simplistic label attached to them as a political designation.

That said: it's too bad that the modern Libertarian party appears so wacky and keeps choosing fairly unelectable people to run on a national level. It seems that that movement's ideals were once pretty closely aligned with those of the Founding Fathers*. And those of European Anarchists, as well. That's more of a cooperative movement; its members bear absolutely no resemblance to those jerks who go around damaging property here.

* drugs and prostitution aside. It seems that an awful lot of folks who espouse the whole legal drugs are good...prostitution is a 'victimless' crime haven't really ever had to deal with the negatives from either activity and, as a result, haven't gotten beyond 'pot is good' and 'a romp with a hooker is kind of sexy.'

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