Monday, September 10, 2007

This Summer's Numbers:

3.5 = number of weeks the Frenchie stayed

0 = number of weeks I got to stay in France

22 = number of potential roommates I interviewed in July and August

3 = number of interviewees I even could even remotely see sharing space with

15 = number of pounds I gained while on the new medication for my nagging problem

25 = number of pounds I've lost since getting off said medication, exercising more and cutting out as much sugar as possible

15-20 = number of pounds necessary to lose before I'm back to my "fighting weight."

9 = number of inches my ponytail's grown to

3 = number of inches more it needs to grow before I can lop it off and donate it to the people who make wigs for chemo patients

10 = number of jars of peach jam made/doled out

3 = number of cats in the house as of mid-August

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