Thursday, September 06, 2007

Left Behind.

Happily glowing from the dinner's wine and the excitement of the fireworks I was attempting to photograph, I only half-tuned-in to the speculation going on around me. We'd already heard that Landlord was going to go to NY for a year for business reason, but that wasn't going to happen until Fall. Plenty of time to plan, plenty of time to decide about the future. Let's just enjoy this bubbly little moment now, why don't we.

Suddenly, a van showed up in our driveway and an army of swarthy men descended upon the house. Landlord changed his mind apparently, and was moving right then.

Two days later, my roommate (the boy. I'll talk more about him later.) told me that he was moving back home to save up for college.

All of a sudden, I was alone.

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