Friday, September 07, 2007


Sweet red and bell peppers were combined with cubanos, fresh garlic and a lone, green tomato to make a Marimekko-like stir fry. Delicious with a melange of beans and some jasmine rice.

After the Summer's excitement, an already anemic bank account was depleted. Current projections indicate a shoestring budget until mid November. For the moment, though, we're not wanting for anything thanks to a growing season that rivals the summer of the thirty jars of vinegar peppers, that of the zucchini "as big as baseball bats", or "the year we couldn't make enough peach pies." Already I've distributed a bushel of peaches between friends and have taken dozens of tomatoes into work. Greens from the side of the house provide twice daily salads and a stirfry of kale and or rocket a few times a week.

Ten jars of peach jam were flown off to the four corners of the Earth this week; apple jelly and butter will soon follow. Wild grape, too, if I'm lucky. (H's aunt, with whom I'd make jelly every fall used to say that I should sell Jam shares - I'd make a killing). The bounty is a bit overwhelming, but it feels good not only to not want, but to share and to see the happy expressions that come of this.

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