Monday, September 17, 2007

Call me a cynic, but I'm not quite ready to join the squad leading the cheers for Team France.

What concerns me about all this, and I feel it's a pretty justified worry given France's habit of selling dangerous stuff to unsavory regimes, is what prompted Kouchner's announcement, what information is this based on, and what might they have possibly sold the Iranians (either directly or through an intermediary, say like Libya or Syria) that now has the potential to bite them on the ass?

It's just a gut feeling, but it proved surprisingly accurate (much to the Frenchie's chagrin) regarding the both the Libya deal and why the the Ministry of Arm Candy was sent as an envoy last July.


Interesting. Kouchner's claiming to have been misinterpreted by the media. Kind of like what happened over the weekend to Greenspan. If wishes were horses, etc.

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