Monday, September 17, 2007

Not very helpful.

The new roommate asked me where, if one happened to be in the mood for this sort of thing, one would go to meet a man in our general age range.

Took a minute to think about this. Honestly, outside of taking one's lunch to the park next to the local elementary school and being chatted up by fathers looking to score a bit on the side, I'd be damned if I knew.


Nick said...

Of course any guy taking his lunch looking for a single mom would probably be accused of being a pedophile before he could find himself a MILF. ;)

Be said...

Not a good idea - especially in Cambridge.

My experiences were with guys waiting to pick up their kids. Apparently they're so starved for affection because of their careerist, neglectful, abused and abusive Cambridge wives.

If I had a dollar for every such sob story I've heard over the past several years, I'd be able to afford a down payment on one of the over-priced plywood condos that sprouted up across the street from the junkyard nearby.