Thursday, December 01, 2005

What I like about my neighborhood I

Yesterday morning was unseasonably warm with lots of rain and wind. It was also trash/recycling day for my block. Noted that my neighbor across the street's bag for paper recyclables had torn and the contents were fluttering up the street. Though running late for work, decided to Do the Right Thing and run around collecting the flyaways. Weighted what I picked up down and headed off to work.

That evening after I got home, I heard a knock on my front door. Answered it to find my across the street neighbor standing there with a big bouquet of flowers and his Definitive Holiday Mix CD for 2005. Told him that this was all unnecessary, that I was just being neighborly. His answer was that what I did was not the normal neighborly thing to do around these parts and that he really appreciated it. Beat down my normal resistance to gifts of flowers from men and accepted them as graciously as possible.


Yogo said...

How nice of him--and you!

Be said...

He's a good guy. Two summers ago, he gave me a ton of perennials for my garden. His partner, who has nearly the same route to work as I do, will often take me into work in bad weather. I really like them.