Thursday, December 29, 2005

It takes all sorts.

Seriously, though, if I were to look to carry on a relationship outside my species, I'd choose a dolphin. They're cute, they're tough (can fight off sharks from what I've read. That's pretty tough). They like to swim and fish as well, so we'd have that in common. According to Gary Larson they speak Spanish, so no language barrier...

-via Norm.


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hilarious. I found it through Amba's link and emailed it to a bunch of people. Have a very happy New Year, Be!

Be said...

I found it over at Norm Geras's site.

Wish I could find the darn Far Side cartoon with the dolphins looking at the scientists quizically and the one scientist saying to the other "got another of those "haw-bla span-yols."