Monday, December 12, 2005

Numbers that made up my weekend:

# of inches of snow that fell during the storm on Friday: +6

# minutes it took my boss to get from work (Inman Square) to Union Square (about 1/4 mile): 45

# of driveways shovelled Friday night: 3

# of minutes we sat through an awful French film that Hal picked up for me at the library: 10

# of educational films we watched off a DVD from the library: 3

% of these educational films we thought were campy: 0

% we thought were commonsense and should be shown again in schools: 100

# of Japanese film stars from the New Wave era I now have a crush on, thanks to Shinoda's Samurai Spy: 4 (Just learned of the existence of Koji Takahashi.)

# of pints of apple butter made on Sunday: 12

# of toy rabbits knitted so far: 2

# of dozens of gingersnaps baked: 10

# of minutes late in waking up Monday morning because I set my alarm for 6:30 pm as opposed to 6:30 am: 45

# of hours beyond the usual eight hours a night I slept: 1 (So why am I so tired out?)

# of extra minutes that it took me to get to work due to icy sidewalks: 25


Yogo said...

I had apple butter once. So long ago! And on warm toast.

Be said...

It's really good on wholegrain toast. Had that for breakfast today - it made me sooo happy.