Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Comfort food.

Knowing that I'd be having a rough day today, I packed myself a nice lunch of vegetarian sushi:

nori sheets
black beans cooked in soy sauce
rice (sadly not sushi rice) cooked sticky-style with a teeny bit of vinegar and sugar
straw mushrooms
some spicy mayonnaise I made from mayo and vietnamese chili pepper garlic paste
plenty of wasabi and pickled ginger
some rice seasoning

Made myself three hand rolls (think sushi ice cream cone) and had them with a cup of green tea. Made me feel a little bit better, anyway.


Yogo said...

Oh be, that sounds great! Especially the spicy mayo and black beans.

Nick said...

Mmmm... yummy. Haven't had some good sushi in a while.

Sissy Willis said...

Mayo rules!!!

Be said...

Sushi goes from rare luxury to wonderful comfort food when you learn to make it yourself. I can make a "sushi boat" for about the same as it costs for sashimi for one person in a restaurant. (would love to get one of those boat things to serve sushi in, but haven't found one yet.)

Yogo said...

Someone bought me a book on making sushi about a year ago. I better read up.

Be said...

Whatever you do, don't get too caught up on perfection appearance-wise: it's only going to be eaten.

Yogo said...

Good advice.