Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We're going through this again. I guess that this time, Grandpa fell and broke his femur. He's in the hospital, had surgery, is doing okay. Mom's situation? I'm trying to piece that together. She says that she's got a severe ear infection. Her sister tells me that she's been drinking again. Dad says that Mom wasn't drinking when he took her to the emergency room for her ear/stomach, but who knows whenever else. Grandpa said that she had been drinking and that he now wants to move to a nursing home (in addition to the broken bone, he was apparently malnourished and dehydrated again, as well). Whom to believe; whom to trust? It's a little like Rashomon where even the dead have their own interpretations of events and agendas to push.

I can't muster up the energy to be angry, hurt or even sad at this point. I'm just tired out.

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