Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We knew that this was going to happen.

Just like the Islamic radicals who claimed that the Indian Ocean tsunami was God punishing people for their lax morals, certain players in the German media are blaming Katrina on the current administration's environmental policy.

Of course Global Warming is an issue. As to how much of one, who knows really? I tend to take the 'skeptical environmentalist' stance on this: yes, Global Warming is something we should be looking out for and taking steps to curb, but it's not so grim as some activist and political pressure groups would have us think.

I remember reading something earlier this year on the cyclical nature of the climate and how it impacts hurricane seasons. Apparently, we were due for quite a few of them this year, which isn't unreasonable. Certainly more reasonable than Gaia or God punishing the US for President Bush.


Glenn Reynolds, of course, has more on this.


RFK really needs to STFU. The comments section's pretty interesting.

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