Thursday, August 04, 2005

Last night, Karen had a little get together in her community gardens. Much wine was drunk, many shrimps en brochette were grilled, plenty of merriment was had by all.

A few things of note:

Jo's shrimp skewers were a hit; would love to know what she used as a marinade.

Kathleen made a wonderful little appetizer which consisted of fresh mozzarella bits, grape tomatoes and fresh basil leaves skewered on toothpicks and marinaded in Newman's balsamic vinaigrette. She claims to have poached this recipe from another coworker.

My two little entries, mango salsa and Nappy's avocado, corn and shrimp salad were pretty well-received.

Nan brought a salad of mâche, pecans, cranberries and goat cheese which was absolutely lovely.

Pablo made us recall that Christina's in Inman actually does have a bit of competition.


So nice to catch up with everyone. So nice to be under a gazebo in a garden in the city complete with a slight breeze, a decent sunset and a view of the Schrafft's Building lit up in pink neon.

(Taken by Hal a while back on a walk home from another one of Karen's parties)

So happy, too, to get Pablo to recite not only Walrus and the Carpenter and a favorite Shakespeare sonnet, but to treat us to a soliloquoy from Hamlet in anticipation of the Commonwealth Company's performance on the Common.

Goodness, we have to do this again soon.

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nappy40 said...

I'm so glad it turned out well for you!