Tuesday, August 30, 2005

At first I thought I was dreaming. Why would someone be playing bagpipes after midnight Sunday? The unknown piper doodled a bit, drifted into something that sounded a bit like "Scotland the Brave," then finished with the theme from "Star Wars." (Star Wars?!)

Raphaella heard it; so did Hal. After a bit of investigating around the neighborhood, he found that someone new moved in a street over from me who has a bunch of guitars in addition to the set of pipes. As my coworker put it: "Effin' Ay. The next Big Thing on the Somerville Music Scene and you get a front seat, Be. Rock on."


agaffin said...

There's some kid whose mother drives him up to Millennium Park in West Roxbury (it's a big hill that's flat on the top, which is what happens when you cap the city dump and plant grass on it) on Sundays so he can practice his bagpiping in (relative) solitude (and away from the neighbors, I bet).

Be said...

On top of a hill (even if it's a capped dump) seems pretty appropriate. Another appropriate option might be marching towards a castle or an armory. In an apartment at the foot of Winter Hill's kind of stretching it, though.