Friday, August 26, 2005

As I'd said earlier, vacation wasn't nearly as relaxing as we'd have liked due to family issues and the fact that a developer bought a large parcel of land (30 acres) and is looking to build something ridiculous like a 12 lot subdivision on it. A good bit of our time was spent dealing with this issue between legal talk, family talk, town-meeting talk, etc.

We did get a little time to ourselves and did what we could to make the most of them. Got to boat a bit, forage for food, see a play, hear an amazing concert and photograph seabirds. When my film comes back in from the developer (I am so analog!) and if Hal feels inclined to share any images, I'll post them.


Came home to all manner of weirdness: the new roommate evaporated (guess I was good for free storage for a couple weeks, anyway), there was a hole in my bathroom wall (guess I'm getting some renovations), and Raphaella took a flying backwards leap into her tomato patch (A bad thing in any event. When you're 74 and have osteoporosis, its, well, beyond bad). Combine this with other stuff from earlier on that I don't feel like talking about and, honestly, as stressful as it can be, work's been a haven.

At the moment, am trying to figure out if I'm sick, courting depression or just dealing with too many situations to be healthy, as I can't seem to get enough sleep or motivate myself beyond small, simple, immediate tasks. I really need to snap out of this, as am no good if I'm broken.

On a good note, however: the weather's broken and the gardens are producing like crazy. A sun-warmed tomato with fresh basil leaves taken three times a day may not be a cure for all my ailments, but it doesn't seem to be hurting.


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Mark said...

Must be something in the air this summer; I've had a strong case of the blues lately myself...glad you did have some fun, at least, on the vacation. I'm way overdue, had to postpone my vacation for now...have a good one!