Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Here's what I know so far:
She was taken to the hospital on Saturday morning.
Spent the day in the emergency room.
Was transferred to ICU on Sunday.
Moved to another room on Tuesday.
Will be there possibly till tomorrow.

What was wrong? Couldn't eat? Couldn't drink?
Didn't do either or tried and failed for a week straight.
Had a bleeding ulcer.
Electrolytes were down so low that she could have had a heart attack.

Grandpa was also looking dehydrated, malnourished.

So many phone calls. Do I go back to set things straight? Can I? Should I?
I can't depend on her or Grandpa for the truth.
I can just piece things together.

What happened around her losing the job?
Is she taking care of administrative things around the house?
Is she safe there? Is grandpa safe there?
If I can't go back, who can I enlist to help? No one has any obligation to her. A lot of bridges have been burned.

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