Tuesday, April 13, 2004

One coworker, a very elegant dresser, came down to pay a visit in an amazing black and white houndstooth suit. The only words that would come to mind were "Coco Chanel." I made mention that Vogue Knitting a couple years back featured knitted reworks of classic Chanel suits and of how I wished I had the body for one.

Maybe I should attempt a classic, feminine suit. It would certainly be a rare gift to myself. Definately plus haute que la haute-couture, as I would have made the fabric myself in addition to piecing it all together. Maybe I'd start a new trend in indulgence - one for la haute tricoterie? If it looked horrible on me, I could always give it away.

I never much thought of myself as being the type for such items - but as I get older, the classics seem to be so much more appealing. Coco proclaimed a design for every woman. Did she have me in mind, though? I've always seen myself more as utilitarianism idealized by soviet-era propagandists, rather than an image of cool elegance like that put forth by the French fashion industry mid 20th century.

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