Thursday, April 22, 2004

As of yesterday, I've received all the materials I ordered from Amazon. I started the day by greeting my coworkers with labdien, drogs! Proceeded to ask a few of them for their passports and if this was their first visit to Latvija.

Hal is bemused. Why am I doing this, who cares? I don't know, I'm doing it because I can. It's good mental exercise. I do well when a language is spoken by someone I love. That's how I learned Dutch and Spanish. Is he confused or trying to be patently unhelpful? Can't tell. Last night he told me that he couldn't understand what I was saying because I had a 'weird accent.'

I did come up with a fun game to play, however. I pucker up and ask, "ludzu?"
He gives me a kiss. I smile and answer back, "paldies!" This got repeated many times. I only stopped because he had to leave. I could have gone on indefinately.

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