Monday, February 14, 2005

What should this girl do?

I told him to go away last week, to just leave me alone. Didn't want to deal with being hurt again.

We talked on Saturday, and he said to me that he understands what happened and that he still wants to try again, but would understand if I didn't. Live here in this benighted place is really causing a lot of stress, and if he didn't have me around, he'd be gone in an instant (this is something to which I can completely relate).

This morning, as I left, I noted a large envelope taped to my front door. In it was a Valentine card that he made along with a gorgeous print of Hank and Dana's house printed on rice paper. Along with it came the following note:

"A quick note about the woodcut: Ever since that time in the summer we drank wine with Craig in the backyard, I had been thinking this would make a good image - two large houses flanking a cute house wiht windows for eyes. You can see some of your garden as well as your shoveling efforts in the image. The woodcut is on mulberry paper (a Japanese rice paper). Also included is a "photoshopped" image of the eventual color block I will add for the sunset effect. I'll have to give on e to the owners with that addition!" - Hal."

As soon as I get permission from him to post the images, I will, as they really need to be seen. (Right now just have the hard copies and a couple scans in .pdf format).

Anyway, here's my question, and it's a two parter:

I've been asking him to take up printing again (right down to marching into Pearl to get inks and linoleum blocks), but he'd been pretty steadfast in his not wanting to do so. Now he's revisiting it, and with amazing results. I'm wondering - is the resurgence in interest because I'd stopped bothering him about it, or because he had more free time to pursue it? If his output is of this quality, too, maybe I should keep him dumped so that he can suffer more and produce more art?

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Nick said...

And here when I saw the... and here is the question part... and everything leading up to it... I thought you were going to ask something foolish like "should I get back together with him?"

I say buy him some paper and let him have it. Maybe you'll get something nice to hang on the wall out of it.