Sunday, February 27, 2005

Idle thoughts for an Idle Sunday

Early to bed last night, but a not so early to rise today. Fell asleep looking at my gardening porn and woke up to my two little odalisques curled up with me under the covers.
Made myself the usual 1/2 pot of coffee and some improvised pain perdu (mashed a banana into the batter), then actually sat down to enjoy it in the sunny, sunny kitchen. Noted that the amaryllis I got as a gift a couple Christmases ago is getting ready to bloom - maybe in a week or so. It kind of looks like Audrey, and I really should get a picture of that.

Need to get out today some. Vitamin D and walking are two things that they haven't figured out how to charge an excise on here, so really should profit from both. Maybe I'll go to Target as part of my quest for nice looking, inexpensive matching sets of dishes (no two dinner plates match anymore in my house, and, maybe it's a sign of age - but that's really starting to bother me.) Dinner's going to be a Beef Burgundy, so need to get stuff (Beef and Burgundy, among other things) for that.

Wat ook? Well, bills need to get paid and I need to do some shredding/organizing. Also need to think about getting some part time work, as, well, ends are meeting, but not as closely as I'd like any more. It's weird being relatively educated, in your mid thirties, and still living somewhat like a college student (back in the days of yore), as salaries in most realms don't keep up with the cost of living.

Don't feel like thinking about this stuff anymore. Let's go take that bath, get some sunshine while the gettin's good, run our errands and enjoy the day. I have a couple other little projects I'm working on - maybe I'll talk about it all later, maybe not.

Post script: No, no more talk. Blogger decided to eat a good chunk of my post (quite a few problems with that lately), so this is it. Do go look at Ann Althouse's site, though. I did earlier. She's got a lot there.

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