Thursday, February 03, 2005

Jello Shot Duty

Karen's having a Super Bowl party and Hal and I are invited! Since she's the best cook and baker I know (not to mention the best bartender), I was at a loss as to what to bring. Ever resourceful and ever thinking of creative ways to get tipsy, she recommended Jello Shots. Now, I'd heard of these things, but only tasted them once (green Jello with melon liqueur. Heavenly.). Figuring that I'd have a bit of chemistry to deal with (what's one of the main components of anti freeze? Bingo. Alcohol.), I started researching and testing right away. This basic recipe seems to have worked out the best:

Basic Jello Shots
3 packages Jello
3 c. boiling water
2 c. vodka (or other liquor)

Make Jello according to package instructions, substituting vodka for cold water. Pour into shot glasses (I prefer to put the mixture in a cake pan and cut into squares). Chill until jelled.

Since I figured that it would be good to have with themed shots for the party, here are some combinations I came up with:

New England:

strawberry Jello with peach schnapps (like a melba. You could substitute raspberry Jello, but will be more purplish than red)

berry blue Jello with vodka


lemon Jello with blue curacao

white grape (the "sparkle" Jello) with vodka

Enjoy...may whichever team you're rooting for win...and drive safely afterwards!


Hi there, Carnival folks! Thanks for stopping by! Just like the Glittering Eye, I really don't know whether these treats should be considered drinks or dessert. I can, however, say with authority that they "work every time."

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Nick said...

There's always room for Jell-o!

Last time I have jello shots... the person making them used waaaayyyy to much vodka... and it was part of a "drinking" game. Let's just say that I had a very green tongue by the end, and I couldn't drive home for a while.