Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fat Tuesday

I was going to make a comment about the headline being a bit redundant - Fat Tuesday being Mardi Gras and all. The article isn't so bad, though. Since this is a more latin tradition, we don't do much up here for it (though I have heard that the Quebeckers throw a mean Mardi Gras party). It is fun to read about carnevales elsewhere in the world, though.

Anyone giving anything up for Lent? In the past, to get my mom's goat, I'd give up premarital sex and my brother would give up his belief in God. Nowadays, it's back to the more pedestrian things. No sugar. No cussing. I'm not giving up coffee this year, as that's my only bit of ballast left to throw overboard during troubled times. Nope, we're clinging to that one for dear life.

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