Friday, February 27, 2004

Thank you for helping out...I have a couple good leads on windows and boards. Hopefully within the next week I can get a move on on this thing.
Other projects come to mind: fix the bed (Put together by an engineer and a carpenter of sorts. Haven't gotten a good night's sleep on it since I moved. Kind of ironic since I and an old roommate - raver boy - put it together the first time. Took nearly four hours, but was sturdy as anything.), lower the pile of mending, darning, finishing that has been looming over me reproachfully for the past several months.

I've been doing some serious soul-searching over the past several weeks and have decided on what might be a good 'five year plan' for me. It feels pretty good to have something to work towards. Got the final invoice yesterday for a large student loan that I've been working on for several years now: $90 and change. Can't tell you what a weight has been lifted off me there. Now, to tackle the dead cat and the computer.

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