Friday, February 20, 2004

Hal mentioned that he ran into Monsieur Colin the other day at work. Guess he's reading for another funny as heck play that has no financial backing, bless him. Anyway - Hal was telling him about the movie we saw over the weekend: "My Architect," the documentary about Louis Kahn by his son Nathaniel. Very very good film, by the way. The son did a very graceful job of navigating between the public figure, the mythic man who designed, among other things, the British art museum at Yale (interesting to see who came up with that one - the main lecture area where I was confined for a couple hours felt like it was going to COME DOWN ON ME, it was so oppressive.), the Salk laboratories out west, the capitol of Bangladesh and the private man who had three separate families all within a few blocks of one another.

Colin's response was "oh, there was a Law and Order about someone like that a little while back."

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