Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The statement from a Philosophy professor at Duke regarding Conservatives on faculty there has been pretty thoroughly fisked by the likes of Eugene Volokh (the volokh conspiracy) and Glenn Reynolds. I do so love this statement from Tom Smith at the right coast, however:

More on conservatives in academia
By Tom Smith
No discrimination against conservatives at Duke. (via It's just that we conservatives happen to be stupider. Unfortunately, I have not noticed this goes along with any increased sense of rhythm, fondness for music, long lazy days in the sun, loose shoes or irresponsible sex. Or any too great aggressiveness, over-fondness for money, or tendency to want to split hairs in argument. Or an over-fondness for strong drink, sentimental music and poetry, having too many children and not washing them often enough. Or, for that matter, having hair that is too oily, being given to outbursts of temper, and so on and so on and so on. I guess to be able to tell what stereotypes are really true, and which are based on self-serving, narrow minded, glib, naive and foolish prejudice, you have to have the natural intellectual superiority of a person of the left. It's a good thing they don't believe in eugenics or we'd really be in trouble. Ooops. Sorry. I forgot about Planned Parenthood.

(from via instapundit.)

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